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Easy candidate profiling and job listing classification using focused web scraping tools

We offer personalized web scraping solutions to recruiters and job aggregators to scrape datasets in real-time. Our bots have been in operation for 17 years, making us a trustworthy data partner.

Upgrade your recruitment process with job feeds scraper


A productive workforce is the lifeblood of every organization. Finding the right candidate for your job role can be a challenging task. We make the whole recruitment process easy for you. Scrapeworks extracts and organizes numerous candidate profiles and identifies the potential candidates. Build a compelling candidate database and nurture an efficient workforce with job feeds scraper.

Job Aggregators

With numerous jobs posted everyday by diverse organizations, collecting and sorting the job positions in your platform manually can cost both money and time. Scrape job listings in a frequent manner and keep your job listings updated, relevant, and reliable. Create and optimize a comprehensive list of job openings with a flawless job description that outlines the job responsibilities and skill sets required.

Data-driven candidate profiling and job aggregation to boost your growth

Updated job listings

Our capability to schedule automated job scraping allows us to scrape job feed data on a regular basis, ensuring that we don't miss any trending jobs in the market. With just one click, access millions of jobs from one single repository.

Eliminate expired jobs

Our personalized job board scraper enables you to extract and segregate the most relevant jobs, reducing job listing errors. Enhance the credibility of your job listing portal by removing redundant and outdated jobs.

Niche job listing

Our automated scraping tools scrape jobs based on location, skill sets and industry for creating a targeted job portal for your clients. Utilize our customized job scraper to create a niche job portal to improve customer loyalty.

Reach the right candidate

Our data scraping tools enable you to find the right candidate for your job role and build a productive workforce. Save time and effort by relying on our dependable scraping solutions to locate the best match from a pool of candidates.

Seamless communication

We deliver the right contact information you need to make the whole recruitment journey smooth and hassle-free. Leverage our advanced web scraping tools to contact potential hiring managers to increase conversion rates.

5 Reasons why you should not ignore Data in your recruitment process

Not a day passes by without seeing the importance of data in different sectors including the human resources management system. Yet, amidst all this Big Data jabber, only 35% of the HR fraternity have access to data and analytics in their recruitment process.

Offshoring custom-built job feed scrapers to optimize your business operations

With over 17 years of experience in data extraction and data processing, we outsource and deploy our industry-leading scraping solutions at scale. Our customer first approach and industry specific modifications enables us to extend our solutions to organizations of any type and size.

Technical assistance

Our ML based data extraction ensures the accuracy of the data which eliminates the need for multiple layers of data quality check. Enjoy easy installation, 24/7 assistance and maintenance support and eliminate the need for an in-house IT team.

Customized job scraper

Our keyword centric job scraping enables us to scrape the right job attribute such as salary, skills, and location from job portals and company sites. Deploy job scrapers that are tailored to your needs, and ensure that you don't miss out any relevant data.

Scalable job scraper

We can scrape multitude of job posting sites to deliver accurate and relevant data in large volume at standard quality. Scale up your job board aggregation process with all the trending jobs and attract new customers to your portal.

Scheduled scraping

We deliver the right contact information you need to make the whole recruitment journey smooth and hassle-free. Leverage our advanced web scraping tools to contact potential hiring managers to increase conversion rates.

Our bots are working for over 17+ years now, scouring the web and retrieving the latest job listings, salary, trend, skills, and location from company career pages, newspaper’s job columns, aggregator sites, and job boards. ASK FOR A DEMO

Build an efficient workforce and scale your business using our job feeds scraper