Why spend time and effort mending broken web scraping Agents

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Why pick Scrapeworks?

Scaled scraping for growing data needs

To match evolving data wants, you don’t have to allocate more manpower in building, hosting and managing new scraping projects. Scrapeworks takes care of identifying your fresh scraping needs and scales the number of scrapers as required

Don’t let site size limit your scrape venture

No matter the number of how bulky your target websites are, Scrapeworks crawls over any number of webpages and makes sure you have mission-critical data in hand. Our inhouse crawl manager distributes and stabilizes high-volume scrapes, saving you of any trouble

Skip organizing and managing scrape Agents

It’s not just one scraping agent that fits all your scraping demands, is it? As the number of scraping projects you build increase, it gets all the more difficult to schedule,run, and organize the results. With Scrapeworks you leave all the maintenance to our experts and turn your focus to your core business

Affordable and reliable way to scrape the Web

Direct scrape outputs are poorly structured and messy that needs manual refinement and enrichment. Scrapeworks ensures to perform strong data quality checks before delivering the expected data straight to your API or in formats of your choice at reasonable rates

See how our scraping schemes helped diverse Brands!

Data Aggregation on the Fly

Timings play an important factor in determining the success of an airlines company and the overall reputation of airports. Air travel intelligence providers aid in giving the right feeds pertaining to departure, arrival, terminal/gate numbers,delays, cancellations that come in handy for smooth schedule and capacity tasks. We collected flight status updates from over a 100 websites and relayed the crawled data to a major flight intelligence provider at real-time with 95% accuracy

Potential buyers identified

Reliable business data goes a long way in reaching out to potential buyers and interested prospects. Looking for business expansion, a multinational mass media firm wanted entity data like company address, SIC codes, contact details among others to be validated and crawled. A whooping 350,000 records were scraped and delivered to the customer overcoming various site-specific challenges by our platform

Single view of Risk and Compliance data

For compliance and risk management purposes, a financial reference data provider needed evidence data to be fetched from 600+ sources and fed to their platform as and when queried by an user with an expected turnaround time of 60 seconds. We built, managed and integrated over 160 crawlers with the customer’s platform, fetching successful results well less than a minute

Voluminous, extensive, and business-effective scraping needs more than just DIY tools.
Scrapeworks aims at getting you webdata that is always action-ready.