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The Internet is packed with data that is critical for making your most successful business moves. We know how to collect data from the most complex and convoluted web pages so that you can access clean, enriched, and structured data in a breeze.

Hassle-free Setup

Forget about all coding and setup routines. Just tell us the sites you want to scrape. We’ll deliver the exact data you were looking for.

Toughies Decoded

Give us any number of difficult websites and we’ll have it all solved for you with our home-grown platforms built with our vast experience in scraping.

Accuracy guaranteed

You make critical decisions with your data and want your data to be of utmost accuracy. With Scrapeworks you can trust your data at all times.

Scheduled scrapes

Interested in collecting web data on specific days of the week? Go ahead! Schedule your scrapes with Scrapeworks - daily, weekly or monthly.

Why Scrapeworks?

All your scraping needs are fulfilled by experts who know scraping inside out. We understand every snag that comes with scraping and resolve them with utmost ease thanks to platforms like Mobito and Data Studio developed at our own skunkworks lab. Scrapeworks achieves smart and intelligent scraping at affordable rates.


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Our Scrape Works with data

Of Any Scale

Data is exploding at incredible rates. Yet, we are in pace with handling data of huge volume. So got a zillion web pages to be scrapped? Sounds totally exciting! Bring it on and we’ll fetch scores of data from tons of URLS in a breeze.

At any Speed

Entities like price, stocks, and travel schedules keep changing on a regular basis and our scraping model aligns with the speed at which the data you need keeps changing. We’ll help you keep track of all those variables as and when they are updated.

In Any Structure

No matter what the layout of the site is or the form in which the data you need is contained. Our finesse in data extraction ensures that you get the data you need from complex web pages even if it is stuck in bulky PDFs and graphical content.

However Sloppy

Messy data equals no data. Information pulled straight from web sites are often jumbled and hazy. Scrapeworks has stunning workarounds for unstructured data and feeds you with clean, rich, and accurate data in the format of your choice.

What happens in the Scrapeworks factory?

Preconfigured Bots


Explore our range of pre-configured bots


Spot and pick the bot that serves your requirement the best!


We’ll email you to the pricing details and you can make the payment


Utilize our bot for extracting and integrating high-quality data into your systems

Customized Solutions


Tell us your scraping requirements


We’ll check the project feasibility and send a sample Proof of Concept


Once you finalize, our experts aggregate data at the frequency you desire


Download the data in the format of your choice or have it integrated into your systems

Make Scrape work for your business now!