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Want to scrape data yourself? Our web data scraping software lets you manage and automate scraping.

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Automate your data workflow end‑to‑end, from web scraping services to building clean data pipelines with our AI solutions.

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Hassle out your web scraping journey and focus on your core. Let us take care of the proxies and complexities of the website while you get instant data.

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Does web data power your business? Looking for a clean data pipeline for your business use case? We can help you scrape the data in the format that you want and at the scale that you need.

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Scrape data from websites at ease

Scrape data instantly with extensive bot library

Our ready-to-use solution library helps you scrape various data points instantaneously across websites. Our tailored bot library is easy to start, schedule, and run scrapers at scale.

Navigate complex scraping challenges with ease

We are aware of web scraping challenges across each website. Our website scraping service provides you with CAPTCHA solution, IP rotation, handling login, and proxies help scrape data from the most complex websites.

Search and validate data from multiple sources

Our powerful data stream processing helps you get rid of manual data cleaning and transform them into opportunities. Our inbuilt federated search helps you search across various data sources for downstream processing.

Build custom bots quickly with integrated GPT

Our web data scraping software has smart GPT integration, which helps you generate codes to build custom bots or applications for quick web scraping. We support advanced versions of GPT with an easy-to-use interface.

Automate data processing with no-code workflows

Get rich, structured data that is downstream-ready. Build custom workflows to clean and process the scraped data. Our no-code application makes web data scraping easy and lets you play with the data with the help of advanced AI technologies and NLP.

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