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No, Scrapeworks will take care of automatic proxy rotation and CAPTCHA issues.

Scrapeworks, apart from web data extraction, offers an end-to-end custom solution that entails AI solutions, no-code application builder, data automation, and integration for complex data challenges.

The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the website and data source. The timeframe will be clearly communicated to you.

Yes, you can scrape data behind a login page if you provide us with the credentials for the same.

Yes, the legality of web scraping is taken care of by Scrapeworks. While web scraping is not inherently illegal, we follow legal scraping policies where we scrape publicly available information and when it does not violate the website’s terms of service.

To ensure the quality of data, we follow hybrid approaches to data extraction and testing. Our bots are powered by AI for unstructured data extraction, coupled with human-in-loop for maintaining the quality of the data.

Any data that can be found within the website's HTML source code can be scraped. Data containing Personally Identifiable Information cannot be scraped as per the legal policy of scraping.

There is no limit on the volume of data that can be scraped.

We can deliver data in ready-to-use formats like Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML or seamlessly integrate it with your database and apps. The data can be delivered through email or drive or through any FTP servers you specify.

Scrapeworks supports scraping almost all websites, including those with AJAX and JAVA scripts.

With the relevant consent from the owner and if the data is not copyrighted, you can republish/reuse the content.

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