AI-based web scraping

to fuel your business

How it works

We know each need is different. That’s why we have different AI web scraping solutions for unique needs. Choose what works best for you.

Managed services

Tell us your data requirements and get data delivered to you.

Do it yourself

Scrape data yourself with our web data scraping software.

Custom solutions

Automate your data workflow end-to-end with our custom AI solution.

Professionally managed services

Sit back and relax as we scrape, run proxies, and deliver to you!


Tell us your data requirements in detail to ensure successful onboarding and execution.


Our expert team will send you sample data before we proceed with the complete execution.


Once the sample data is approved, our AI scraper will crawl the required data, followed by quality testing and processing to a structured format.


The scraped data will be delivered with the TAT and agreed frequency.


Our team of experts will schedule the scrapers for all future crawls to get relevant data delivered to you in the right time frame.

Empower yourself with our DIY

Take the reins to scrape the data that you need with our AI scrapers.


Sign up with Scrapeworks app and start your scraping journey by setting up your scraping project.


Define your scraping requirements by selecting the websites and configuring the necessary parameters to scrape.


Once the crawlers are set and ready, the scraping process will start. These crawlers can also be set up for automated web scraping for all future runs.


Our AI scrapers, along with the built-in proxy managers, will fetch you relevant data, which you can download in the desired format to the desired destination.


You can set up a scheduled run of these scrapers as per your requirement and automate the scrapers to monitor and run whenever there is a new data update from the website.

Custom AI and ML solutions

Our advanced data platform enables end-to-end data management to automate the complete data journey. The advanced AI-based web scraping solution facilitates automated web scraping and processing to create custom workflows.

Create custom workflows

Create a custom workflow to automate continuous crawler execution with our no‑code scraper. Our point-and-click interface helps you with web scraping without coding skills.

All data under one roof

Enable seamless collaboration between multiple teams and data sources for reliable data acquisition across multiple data sources. Bring all data under one roof with the help of our Federated Search Engine.

Scalable data-acquisition model

Double up your web scraping and processing with our GPT integration to build applications faster. Simplify large-scale data acquisition with our in‑built data infrastructure for dynamic business challenges.

Build robust AI and ML models

Our custom workflows come in handy for creating advanced AI and ML models. While our AI makes complex workflows easy, our human‑in‑the‑loop helps you with consistent data quality.

Unlock the power of data hidden within websites

Tell us about your use case. Let us help you find the solution!