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Boost your ecommerce sales with relevant data points. Scrape any ecommerce website and get access to real-time, accurate, and actionable data. Manage your inventories, adapt to market trends, and optimize your pricing strategies to elevate your business.

Real Estate

Gain a competitive edge in the real estate market with our alternative web data. From property listings to lead generation, real estate scraping is made easy with Scrapeworks. Keep an eye on the market to gather relevant data on pricing, location insights, investment opportunities, and risk mitigation.

Information Technology Enabled Services

Technology firms that rely on data processing can benefit from web scraping to enrich their datasets. Monitor online forums, scrape valuable insights such as customer feedback, compliance, to identify areas for improvement, and identify potential threats or vulnerabilities.

Marketing Agencies

Employ advanced web scraping for your marketing game to understand customer sentiment, asses brand reputation, and identify industry trends. Scrape any website to understand the voice of your customers, generate quality leads, and curate relevant content for your market research.


Monitor suppliers' websites, extract information on product availability, pricing, and lead times, and optimize your supply chain effectively. Our web scraping technology helps you gain key insights from across the web to rev up your business against competitors.

Travel and Tourism

Gather data on popular tourist attractions, aggregate local business information, and monitor flight information such as airfare, schedule, and much more with our web scraping solution. Leverage data to offer custom packages to your customers and delight them with attractive discounts.


Get your hands on critical healthcare data from various online sources. Get drug, medical information, and patient feedback from medical journals, clinical studies, research publications, and online portals to stay updated on the latest medical breakthroughs, treatments, discoveries, and the industry.

Financial services

Scrape any news website, reports, and analysis from websites to stay updated on global financial developments and economic trends. Get hold of the stock market, crypto, credit ratings, financial reports, and regulatory compliances for a wide range of opportunities.

Academics and Non-Profits

Support your research and education by leveraging data from academic sources, educational websites, and others to analyze job trends and specific fields of study. Identify potential donors, grant opportunities, and funding sources for advocacy and charitable efforts.

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